A woman’s body, throughout its lifetime, goes through severe physical and hormonal changes, which often leads to a variety of painstaking issues. And a leading problem on top of this list faced by several women is overgrown breasts. A woman troubled by the overgrown and over-weighing breasts knows these problems which she has to face in her daily routine. Especially, all the unwanted and discomforting attention that they draw in public. They also prevent you from performing the proper exercise and ultimately lead to other health related issues.

In addition to this list of issues, here are another six troubling reasons which force women to get rid of their excess breast growth;


  • Backaches:

The extra weight added by their breasts over their chest and back muscles often lead to severe back pain. This pain is recursive and impossible to eliminate through painkillers completely. Hence, they have to spend their days working with such painful discomfort.


  • Breathing trouble:

The heaviness over the chest area makes it difficult for the lungs to inflate while inhaling, hence causing shorter breaths. This breathing difficulty than aggravates when she exercises or tries to work at a quick pace.


  • Bra-strap issues:

Visible bra-straps always makes a woman and the people around her feel awkward and uncomfortable. This usually happens due to the weight of the overgrown breasts pulling the bra downwards pulling its straps towards the neck area.


  • Sleep discomfort:

Every woman with heavy breasts will face this issue as it becomes complicated to sleep on the sides in a comfortable position. As the chest is difficult to move, trying to changing positions often disturbs their sleep and causes sleep deprivation issues.


  • Clothing:

Finding the right fit of clothes is the most meticulous job for a woman. And having heavy breasts worsens the situation and often forces her to settle with bulky unfitting clothes which she might thoroughly dislike.


  • Appearance:

The unwanted attention which is drawn towards her often makes her lose confidence in public and become insecure about her lifestyle choices. Hence, a lot of women chose breast reduction to improve their overall appearance and regain their lost confidence and lifestyle.

A simple breast reduction surgery can easily solve all these problems, and it can help you grow and focus on the other aspects of your life.

You can find some good cosmetology clinic in Nashik. However, you have to be aware of your own requirements and look for a clinic which properly guides you through the Breast reduction surgery and helps you decide if it’s right for you.

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Breast reduction is a simple surgery which helps women lead a healthy and carefree life.

“The Search for Human Freedom can never be complete without Freedom for Women”


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