Best Vitiligo Treatment In Nashik

What is Vitiligo?

It is a skin disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches. Vitiligo is also known as ‘leucoderma’. In India, it is called ‘safed kod’ or ‘safed dag’ and is considered a social stigma. Because of this disease skin on any part of your get affected. It can also damage the hair color. Normally the rate of melanin present in the human body decides the color of human skin and hair.when the cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning at that time Vitiligo occurs. This disease can affect any skin type people but it is more noticeable when the person has darker skin shade. There is not any kind of pain when Vitiligo disease occurs but it will destroy your looks and skin. There are different treatments are available to overcome this disease which may include creams and tablets, or by phototherapy but sometimes  Vitiligo may fail to improve or clear with these treatments. We have surgical treatment options for you at elite cosmetic surgery center which is best cosmetic surgery center in Nashik.

What is the role of Puva in vitiligo?

  • Puva is one therapy which is used for the removal of vitiligo. This therapy enhances skin re-pigmentation.In this treatment, ultraviolet-A (UVA) rays are spread on the de-pigmented patch on patients body, for a fixed time duration. This process is monitored by medical personnel.sun rays can also be used as the replacement of UV rays if UV light is not available. The most recent modality is treatment with Excimer laser.

What are the different types of Vitiligo surgery?

Purpose of all types of surgical treatment is to transfer melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) from normal skin (the donor site) to the skin affected by Vitiligo.

There are two main categories of Vitiligo surgery :

  • Grafting of melanocyte-rich tissue (tissue grafting)
  • Grafting of melanocyte cells (cellular grafting)

When is the patient fit for surgery?

Elite cosmetic surgery center provides you best treatments and surgical options to overcome vitiligo disease but before thinking to undergo surgical options, you have to know that when patient fit for surgery. When the de-pigmented patch does not increase in size for a period of two years, it is said to be stable. This is the right time to perform vitiligo surgery. If the patch is growing or is in an active phase, it needs treatment with medicines and/or PUVA until it stops growing.

What are the various surgical modalities available?

Method to be used depends on the type and site of lesions. Hence, selection of the appropriate surgical technique is important for good cosmetic results.

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