The Biggest Myth With Plastic Surgery In India And How You Can Fix It

The Biggest Myth With Plastic Surgery In India And How You Can Fix It

Plastic surgery has been present in India for quite a few decades now. If you haven’t come across the term yet, a quick search will show you how popular it is among teenagers, women and celebrities.

Plastic surgery is different from other disciplines in medical surgery simply because it’s meant to enhance our aesthetics. It lies somewhere between mainstream beauty parlors and the closely knit medical ecosystem.

But this also creates a lot of myths and misconceptions about the field. They hide real facts making people think plastic surgery is something to be afraid of.

And in India, there’s one such myth that often keeps people away from even considering plastic surgery as a serious option.



Majority of people believe that plastic and cosmetic surgery in India is reserved for the rich and upper class. They are the only ones who have the luxury of caring about their looks.

Once upon a time, this was true. But this is the 21st century. Our culture and economy have changed dramatically. People’s purchasing power is extremely high. This has led them to care about their aesthetics more. But somehow, the belief that only the rich deserve to improve their lifestyle is still deeply ingrained.

Latest advancements in technology and surgical methods have allowed for more budget-friendly surgery costs than before. This also means there are more flexible financing options available to people today. They no longer have to worry about spending all their savings or earnings in a single surgery. Because the costs are no longer unreasonable.

A few other myths that constantly make rounds on the internet are:

  1. Myth: Plastic Surgery Is All About Looks

The idea that plastic and cosmetic surgery only serve the purpose of improving how one looks is very common. But this isn’t the only reason why such surgery is important. In more than a few cases, it results in other health and psychological benefits. For example, breast implant surgery after mastectomy of a cancer patient helps bring back their confidence and prevents depression. Also, botox has been observed to help with migraines and extreme sweating.

  1. Myth: It’s Too Dangerous

As with any surgery on the planet, the basic risks and dangers of bleeding and nerve damage exist. But an experienced and certified surgeon is competent enough to avoid such dangers skilfully. New techniques have reduced such risks drastically.

Also, the use of latest devices during surgery has reduced after effects on the patients. They recover faster and get back to their daily routine in just a few days.

  1. Myth: It Can Never Look Real

A few decades back, this was true. Post-surgery scars and stains were clear evidence of getting plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Today, new techniques and surgical equipment have reduced such problems. Apart from the noticeable ones like breast reconstruction and gynecomastia, all the other kinds of plastic surgery cannot be easily called out. And the overall results are exactly like natural beauty.

Many drawbacks of plastic surgery have faded due to new technologies. They have also reduced the cost and danger, making it more accessible to the masses. So, if you know that an aesthetic enhancement through surgery will help you feel more confident in your body, don’t think twice.

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