Cleft Lip Treatment

Best cleft lip Treatment In Nashik

Cleft lip is surgically procedure to correct a groove defect in the lip. During the process of embryonic development, a Cleft lip does not join together. To repair it we have to choose surgical repair to avoid future problems related to breathing, speaking, and eating. Cleft lip repair surgery usually leaves a small scar on the lip under the nose. Elite cosmetic surgery center which is ISO certified Cosmetic surgery center in Nashik where we provide treatment for cleft and lip repair.

At 9-12 months of age, a cleft palate usually can be repaired. Plastic surgeons connect the muscles of the soft palate and rearrange the tissues to close the cleft. This surgery requires general anesthesia and a short hospital stay for recovery.

The goal of surgery is to create a palate that works well for speech.. Some kids, however, will continue to sound nasal after cleft palate repair, and some may develop a nasal voice later on. At Elite cosmetic surgery center, this surgery is performed at an affordable cost.

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Cleft Lip Treatment